Monday, 31 January 2022

Anna Kennedy sleep secret Made By Coopers .

Anna Kennedy OBE shares  her  sleep secret .

A word from Anna Kennedy 

'Many parents of children with a disability usually have a very poor sleep pattern. My sleep pattern is erratic and I have difficulty switching off at night. 

I received this lovely surprise of a bottle of 'Sleepy Head Room Pillow Spray' when I shared across my social media once again, I had a bad night sleep.

I have always loved Lavender and purple has always been my favourite colour. 

The colour purple and Lavender has such a calming effect. The aroma of the Made by Coopers spray is not too overpowering and it is just simply gorgeous. '

How the product began 

From India To Sussex

Created by Clare and Darren Cooper, the brand began as an idea whilst travelling around India on a three-month yoga expedition. India was part of a personal healing journey for Clare. After years suffering anxiety disorders throughout most of her late twenties, yoga and meditation finally gave Clare some solace.

Meditating with frankincense and regularly practicing yoga in London was just the start. She knew she wanted to delve deeper into this healing work, and was drawn to India where their story began.During their travels, Clare and Darren spent time at an Ayurvedic retreat in Kerala, learning all about the power of plants and natural healing, as well as lots of yoga, meditation, and early five a.m. chanting ceremonies!

It was at this retreat, they got to see first hand the plants and herbs transformed into oils used for treatments. It was a life changing experience, understanding how the aromas from the oils made them feel and affected their wellbeing in a positive way.

Following this powerful experience in the Ayurvedic retreat, the idea was formed to start a range of natural products, infused with essential oils, with a focus on emotional wellbeing.

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