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MY HAIR HAS ALWAYS BEEN my crowning glory and, although I am cursed with the family high hairline, my thick wavy locks covered that and made me stand out in a crowd. 

I haven’t always loved my hair. In my school days it was red and the constant bullying I received as a result made me hate it. As soon as I left school I couldn’t wait to turn it blond - the same colour as my idol, David Bowie. It was a great success and I was pictured in the local paper sporting the same look as David Sylvian, the lead singer of the band Japan, who was very hip at the time.

Teenage Dreams

Now in my fifties, I actually adore red hair but as it’s greying in places I opt for gentle highlights, as my base colour is less red. 

One thing I have never had problems with is hair loss. However, after a bout of shingles and a terrible few months with Salmonella poising picked up on a trip to India really took its toll, not only on my body but my hair, which started to look lose its lustre and become thinner on top.

My first thought was that perhaps all the medication I’d taken had affected it. So I treated the hair and also dosed myself up with zinc, silica and Selenium. My hair regained some of its fullness but it just wasn’t the same as it had been before.

I began to wonder if I needed a hair transplant. My father had one many years ago but to me it always looked as though someone had sewn some fake hair into his scalp and it never really looked good. It worked for some people, including Callum Best, although that was after the third attempt.

Friends had tried other treatments, ranging from PRP and Meso therapy and several had gone to Trichology centres, all with varying degrees of success. 

Having been a professional hairdresser myself, I have seen the struggles men and women suffering with hair loss or thinning hair go through. Even worse is the false hope that so many of these lotions, potions and downright cons give to desperate people.

My luck was in when I researched the market, as there was something new to the UK - Stem Cell Hair Loss Therapy. 

The method is based on the principle that by injecting stem cells within the area with the thinning hair, the patients get new blood vessel formation which in turn increases the amount of nutrients arriving in the treated area.

 Researching a little more, it became clear that this is not for someone who has lost all their hair but it can give hope to those with thinning hair, particularly men in the early stages of baldness. A definite plus was that it could be done in a single session.

Stem cell therapy must only be performed by a doctor who is highly qualified. One of my pet peeves is how this industry has been invaded by so-called experts, the sort of people who have been on a couple of courses and are little more than salespeople.

 Celebrity Dr Ioannis liakas

Ioannis Liakas, whom I’ve trusted before to look after my skin, is the premiere aesthetic doctor performing the treatment in the UK. Even so, I must admit I was rather nervous about the procedure - after all, there were going to be injections into my head!

Dr Ioannis gave me a consultation and quickly pointed out where the problem areas were. He was confident that with my head of hair the results would good and that I’d see them in four to six weeks. There would be further improvement over the coming months, with the final outcome seen in six months.

“How painful will it be?” I asked, nervously. He assured me the discomfort would be minimal and that I’d be out after 45 minutes and back to work or play. I could even go the gym next day!

Even better, there would be no need to shave my hair at all, unlike some conventional transplants. The treatment can also give a boost to someone who had had a transplant.

Dr Ioannis put me at my ease and pointed out the area where the cells would be taken. There would be no scar but the area would be red and crusty for a few days or so. Local anaesthetic was injected into the area where the biopsy was to be taken was not mad on the feeling but considering the area it was really minimum discomfort. You have to be prepared that it's a sensitive area and you tend to bleed more from the head.

Dr Ioannis also put an anaesthetic cream in the area of my hair where solution and stem cells were to be injected. Dr Ioannis works quirky and before I knew it the first biopsy was taken and fused with a saline solution put into a machine called H.B.W that cuts it down in to millions of pieces forming the stem cells the same treatment can also be used for facial rejuvenation with great success and giving a longer longevity than traditional filler or PRP. 

He followed the first with two other tiny biopsies and mixed those as well. He started to inject the crown area of my head there was honestly very little discomfort and, as he worked around my hair, I wanted him to keep going!

My hair back out and about partying again

The following week, I had my haircut and my barber said asked me about a spot on my scalp, wondering if I had cut myself. Not letting him on the secret just yet, I just nodded. A week later, it was gone. Four weeks later my barber commented: “You’ll never lose your hair, it feels thicker than ever.”

Yes, my hair was without a doubt back to being as fabulous as it had been when I was in my twenties and the thinning areas had definitely filled in. Eight weeks later, I was at a charity gala function and my hair looked amazing; it felt thick in the areas that were worrying me. People actually commented on it. It definitely worked for me and several friends have booked to have it done. It’s a little miracle. Even my mum messaged me to say how nice my hair looked. 

But, you know what they, say, “Mum’s the word”. 

at Vie Vie Aesthetics 

This article is from MilliOnAir Magazine

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