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Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Five Beauty Tips from Dr Ioannis Liakas of Vie Aesthetics, the UK’s leading pioneer in soft surgery.
Dr Ioannis Liakas with Steven Smith 

By Steven Smith

It sometimes seems that people with no more than a week’s course in beauty are able to inject vulnerable clients, something surely that only a fully qualified doctor, nurse or dentist should be allowed to do.

So it was a great pleasure when beauty writer Jenny Essex introduced me to Dr Liakas and his wife Vicky. Dr Liakas is a member of the British Council of Aesthetic medicine, and an honorary senior lecturer at Queen Mary medical school he is also and N.H,S consultant.

He is also a leading practitioner in the new revolutionary soft surgery, which in many cases means it is no longer necessary to go under the knife – and the recovery time is a matter of hours rather weeks.

Vicky runs the business from their beautiful practice in Southend -on-sea with expertise and enthusiasm. The former teacher and university lecturer formed the company five years ago and champions her husband’s unique skills and expertise. Dr Liakas has a wonderful way with patients, swiftly putting them at ease and dispelling any worries they might have. 

Vicky Grammatikopoulou

Following on from the success of their Southsea practice, the couple have launched their latest venture In Harley Street, after high demand from overseas and in the central London area. I catch up with them at their Southsea practice to discover their top six beauty tips.
Beautiful clinic in Southsea 

1. One of the most important tips in beauty is drinking water. Try to drink at least one to two and half litres a day – it’s the first thing you should do when you wake in the morning and also last thing at night. You can add lemon to give more taste and it also helps detox the liver. Keep a bottle beside your bed in case you wake up thirsty – we lose a lot of moisture overnight and may wake up at any point dehydrated.

Buy a good water filter so you don’t have to spend a fortune on bottled water. Tap water should be avoided because it tends to be high in toxins. You’ll notice the difference after using a filter if you try tap water again.

It can be hard to remember to drink as much as you should, particularly if you are having a busy day, so try setting a timer on your phone to remind you. Also replace high caffeinated drinks with green tea or white tea when possible.

2 To make your aesthetic treatments last longer avoid sunbeds and opt for spray tans instead. If you must use them, be sure to cover your face. You should also use a high sunblock, at the very least a factor 30 on your face. Staying out of direct sunlight will not only help slow down the ageing process, it will also mean fewer trips for Botox and fillers. If you follow this rule young enough, you may not need either for a long time.

Avoid smoking at all costs. It not only stains the skin but also speeds up the ageing process and can ruin your treatment.

Do aim to get a good night’s sleep - at least six to eight uninterrupted hours a night. Try a few lavender oil drops on your pillow when you go to bed and try to sleep on your back, as it helps avoid wrinkles and folds in your skin. 


3 It is important to do your homework when choosing any treatment. These days it is not necessary to rush into a facelift or nose job or even full liposuction. So do your research.

For instance, at our clinic we offer Aqualyx-slimming injections, which can be combined with other sliming treatments to give amazing results. Clients can leave the same day with no more discomfort than a good work out. It’s a fraction of the price - and pain - of traditional liposuction. Or our soft surgery (PlexR) Eyelid- lift lets the client leave within the hour, with incredible results in just weeks.

So shop around and don’t rush into a pricey and often unnecessary treatment when there are excellent alternatives available.

4 Do not over-moisturise your face. The skin is the largest organ of the body and should be treated with great care. You really don’t need to use moisturiser more than once a day, and cleanse at night. Using too much can actually suffocate the skin and leave it looking tired and dull.

Use a moisturiser with good sun protection. Learn to massage your face, which will help improve the collagen of the skin. Move your fingers in circles upward from chin to forehead.

Use a natural make up that matches your skin tone and allows your skin to breathe – and has good sun protection. At the clinic we recommend Vichy Dermablend. Make sure you blend it into the neck too.

5 Have a motto - and use it! Mine is “I am already there”. The art of positive thinking can lift you and in turn make you look more radiant and beautiful.

Dr Ioannis Lianas

Vie Aesthetics at Toni&Guy
Unit 23
The Royals 
Southend -on -Sea
01702 617 176
Mobile 07899673578

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