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Monday, 5 September 2016

Wendy Turner Webster’s Top 5 Beauty Tips

Wendy  Turner presents Crafty Beggars In The House! together with Julie Peasgood and they also work together on their Ready, Steady, Craft show on Create and Craft USA. 
In the UK you can catch Crafty Beggars on Community Channel – available on Sky, Virgin, Freeview etc. In fact ALL available television platforms!

1   1  If you wear make-up every day wash your brushes once a week using shampoo and conditioner. Cloggy brushes can result in your make up looking cloggy and dull.

2   2 Another tip for those who wear make up on a daily basis… at least once a week don’t put on any night cream products. It will be one of the few chances your skin actually gets to breathe.

  3 Prone to spots and blemishes? Of have you got teenagers with skin problems? Make sure you change the pillow cases every other night to help keep the skin clean.

   4 When you moisturise, don’t forget your neck! Amazing how easy it is just to concentrate on your face and not go below the jawline – but it’s your neck that will age first if left to its own devices!

5  5 If you’ve got unruly hair like mine and you’re on the go a lot it’s worth spending a few quid on a travel size hairdryer. My hair kinks and curls in all the wrong directions (especially in humid or rainy weather) and my teeny tiny hairdryer and barrel brush have often been invaluable. Of course a power socket is handy (OK, essential). Why can’t someone invent a hairdryer that runs on batteries?.  


  Steven Smith 

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