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Thursday, 18 August 2016


Guest writer Julia Champion 

RevitaLash Review

I am a natural blonde.  I might not be the Swedish Blonde that my chemically enhanced tresses suggest, but I am blonde! This has many advantages of course, but the downside of being naturally fair, is that I have never had the long, thick, dark eyelashes I have always wanted.

I was moaning about my thin, sparse, fair eyelashes to my beauty therapist whilst I was having a facial a couple of months ago and she said she had the answer – an eyelash conditioner called “Revitalash”, but at £99 for a tiny tube, the price tag was just as hefty as the lashes it promised me.  I was told that it was developed by someone who had helped the lashes and eyebrows grow back of people who had lost them through chemotherapy. That convinced me and I decided to treat myself and give it a try.

I used it daily at night before going to bed, applying it like liquid eyeliner along my upper and lower lashes. A month later, my lashes were slightly longer, but the difference wasn’t as dramatic as I had hoped.  I told my beauty therapist the next time I saw her.
“You need to stick with it”, she said and assured me that it would work if I tried it for a few more weeks. She said she had never known anyone it hadn’t worked for and that her sister had eyelashes so long now that they touched her eyebrows! She also showed me how to apply it, dabbing it in between my upper lashes as well as along the lash line.

Julia ready arriving at show-biz party her eye lashes looking star like.

Sure enough, a month later, I have lashes to die for!  Both upper and lower lashes are much thicker and several millimetres longer. They are still fair, but with a good black mascara they look noticeably better. I can bat them and wink with pride and I’ll never have to wear false eyelashes again!  A miracle product, for sure!

Julia's  amazing  long eyelashes 

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