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Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Angie Best My Five Beauty Tips

At the age of 64, Angie Best, the former Playboy bunny, model  and first wife of football legend George Best, does everything she can to stay healthy.

Angie was scouted to move to New York to model and later moved to Los Angeles to become a personal fitness trainer.
These days she feels that she has spent far too many years worrying about beauty and wrinkles and works more on inner beauty. She has one son, Calum Best .

Angie and dashing son Calum

1. First thing in the morning I have a glass of room temperature water, with juice from a lemon squeezed in. This has far too many health benefits to list, just trust me.

2. I don’t have tea in the morning, instead I have organic coffee with a teaspoon of organic coconut oil instead of milk. I gave up milk years ago when I discovered just what’s in it these days. The morals involved in dairy farming are not something I want to support. The coconut oil helps fight belly fat and is good for your heart.

3. Antioxidants - the anti-cancer fighters - are the reason I eat nothing but fruit til noon and also because fruit should be eaten on an empty stomach to fully utilise its nutritional value.  Pomegranates are the new superfoods, along with blueberries, which are good for your brain.

4. Of course, some beauty therapies come into play like my seasonal threading because, as my hormones change, I find my hair growing in the strangest places. 

Angie with son Calum at the gym

5. Finally, and probably best, is my seasonal IV drip because, as my longevity doctor in the States says, ‘keep your vitamin, hormone and mineral levels up and you can get old without the negative symptoms associated with ageing’. I'm all over that. 

Gorgeous Mother and son enjoy an IVBOOST  treatment

Don’t forget the most important factor - beauty comes from the inside, with a little help from Dr. Joshua Berkowitz at IVBOOSTUK.

Angie Best enjoys a Vitamin Drip at

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Thursday, 18 August 2016


Marieanne Nanson guest writer and international business woman try C9 detox by Forever 

Doing the C9 detox by Forever

Marieanne Nanson  relaxes in France .

After a couple of hectic and not so great months in Dubai, I found myself over indulging with too much junk food and white wine. As a result, I started to feel sluggish and the insomnia that I had managed to overcome returned to haunt me.

At times I was just not thinking straight and when I realised my concentration was suffering, I knew it was time to clean up my act.

I looked at several options and a good friend told me about C9. Much as it came highly recommended, I wasn’t at all convinced that fad diets or magical potions would hack it for me. 

Marieanne Nanson night on the town with Steven Smith 

But then I bumped into a girlfriend who, like me, loves to party. She looked wonderful! She revealed that she’d been using C9 to detox and felt like a completely new woman. So I thought ‘what the hell, I’ll give it a go.’

So, here is my Detox Diary.

Day 1 and 2 
For breakfast, aloe vera and one protein shake – it’s not as bad as it sounds, honest! There is also a long list of "free foods" - fruit and veg – that you can eat in moderation during the first two days.

Day 2 is the toughest day but, once you’re through that, it's really quite simple to stick to. I did not feel great on the second day, which is often the way when toxins are leaving your body. But it’s really important to stick with it at this point – the worse you feel, the more your body obviously needs the detox!

On a brighter note, I slept for 11 hours on Day 2, something I haven’t done since I was a teenager. I woke up on Day 3 feeling better than I have in years.

Days 3-9 
You can have two shakes on these days, the aloe Vera and one 600-calorie meal. So it's not a starvation plan, but you must eat wholefoods – no processed foods, no bread, no sugars. 

There are lots of menus but I found it simpler to make a pan of chicken soup with the free vegetables and eat that for three of the days, as it was healthy and filling. 

The friend who detoxed with me came up with lots of interesting vegetarian options using quorn and quinoa pasta (something I didn't know existed but actually tastes the same as normal pasta). I started to feel more awake, my brain cleared and my sleep became a regular 7-8 hours.

Ready to get back to fighting fit. 

Each day you’re advised to do 30 minutes of exercise and, as I run every day, this was easy for me. But be prepared on the first couple of days to feel lethargic and don’t be too tough on yourself. I also wear a Fitbit Flex and made sure I did 10,000 steps a day, as well as using it to track the quality of my sleep.

And the results? At the end of the programme I felt more awake, more rested and healthier. I lost two inches from my waistline, two from my chest and one from my hips. I never weigh myself but I was a size ten at the start and my clothes were getting tight, by the end everything fitted comfortably. 
Mother and Grand Mother 51 years old Marieanne does not look her age,

One last piece of advice – be careful what you have when you get to Day 10. I celebrated with three cups of coffee in the morning and felt awful for the next few hours. But it did help me understand how food and drink affects our bodies. It’s really changed how I manage my nutrition and I would definitely do it again.

International Business woman Marieanne Nanson 



Guest writer Julia Champion 

RevitaLash Review

I am a natural blonde.  I might not be the Swedish Blonde that my chemically enhanced tresses suggest, but I am blonde! This has many advantages of course, but the downside of being naturally fair, is that I have never had the long, thick, dark eyelashes I have always wanted.

I was moaning about my thin, sparse, fair eyelashes to my beauty therapist whilst I was having a facial a couple of months ago and she said she had the answer – an eyelash conditioner called “Revitalash”, but at £99 for a tiny tube, the price tag was just as hefty as the lashes it promised me.  I was told that it was developed by someone who had helped the lashes and eyebrows grow back of people who had lost them through chemotherapy. That convinced me and I decided to treat myself and give it a try.

I used it daily at night before going to bed, applying it like liquid eyeliner along my upper and lower lashes. A month later, my lashes were slightly longer, but the difference wasn’t as dramatic as I had hoped.  I told my beauty therapist the next time I saw her.
“You need to stick with it”, she said and assured me that it would work if I tried it for a few more weeks. She said she had never known anyone it hadn’t worked for and that her sister had eyelashes so long now that they touched her eyebrows! She also showed me how to apply it, dabbing it in between my upper lashes as well as along the lash line.

Julia ready arriving at show-biz party her eye lashes looking star like.

Sure enough, a month later, I have lashes to die for!  Both upper and lower lashes are much thicker and several millimetres longer. They are still fair, but with a good black mascara they look noticeably better. I can bat them and wink with pride and I’ll never have to wear false eyelashes again!  A miracle product, for sure!

Julia's  amazing  long eyelashes 

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