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Sunday, 31 July 2016


Gorgeous actress. singer star of Bad Girls Nicole Faraday share her five little beauty tips with Steven Smith 

1 My first tip is to have regular massages and pedicures to tackle the stress of daily life in London. It’s important to find some way to relax and pamper yourself. In my profession, work can be up and down and if I’m not flush with funds then I’ll soak my feet in water with essential oils, which also does the trick at a fraction of the cost. Just meditating in a quiet dark room is also a good alternative. 

Nicole in Bad Girls 

2 Do not be afraid to mix cheaper high street products with high-end designer brands. I use Bobbi Brown lip gloss in rose and I still swear by Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat, but I also use Bourgeois Volume 1 seconde mascara in ultra black, and Rimmel face powder and nail varnishes, which don’t cost a fortune. I also love Benefit products, and Bare Minerals high dive bronzer to shape my face.

3 Moisturiser is a must for me. While i love Creme De La Mer original moisturising and cream, it is expensive and as an alternative I use a new award winning moisturising day and night cream available at Aldi. It’s called Lacura Caviar illumination and it’s fab – it feels really expensive and you’d never guess it came from a discount supermarket chain.

I love Boots own cucumber facial wipes for makeup removal and always carry a packet in my handbag for smudges and generally cleaning my face and my hands if I’m out and about. But my main top tip is to get lots of fresh air – preferably from the country or by the sea. I escape back to my family home in Dorset whenever I can and the fresh sea air and spending time with loved ones always makes me look and feel refreshed.

I have recently tried mesotherapy or Redermalization procedure, which incorporates a formula of succinic acid and hyaluronic acid and aims to increase hydration and oxidants in the skin, and stimulates proteins such as collagen and elastin in the cells.

I hear Madonna recently had it done the results are amazing. This wonderful woman called Iryna Stewart at One Harley Street did the procedure – she’s an Aesthetic artist and treats all sorts of big stars, although she is very discreet and never tells. The treatment really gives me a youthful glow and gives my neck a really smooth look and feel. I really recommend it – it’s like having the best facial ever, and it lasts for months.

Nicole Faraday with Steven  Smith 

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