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Friday, 13 May 2016


Anna Kennedy OBE - Top 5 Beauty Tips 

ANNA KENNEDY OBE  is a busy mum of two young men, Angelo and Patrick, both of whom are on the autism spectrum. She is a director of of two schools, a college and the UK Autism charity, Annakennedyonline. Suffice it to say, she leads a very active life!

Her recent venture, Autism Got Talent, saw acts flying in from all over the world. Anna counts among her supporters celebrities such as Denise Welch, Caprice, Doctor Pam Spurr, Lizzie Cundy and Strictly's Robin Windsor to name but a few. Anna appeared on the People’s Strictly last year and just last week the Daily Mail described her body as the perfect shape.

Anna Kennedy with Patron Steven Smith at Autism  Got Talent

Anna often survives on only three or four hours sleep a night as she is full time carer for her son Angelo. Even though she admits she sometimes feels like collapsing into a heap and hibernating for six months, Anna tries to look her best at all times.
With a picture of Sons Patrick and Angelo 


1. I give myself one hour off a week to go to a Zumba or tap dancing class. I believe dancing and walking are the best forms of exercise to keep the body trim and the mind alert. I love to dance - the sessions make me feel young and recharge my body. 

This Saturday I’ll be doing a ten kilometre walk with my son Angelo to raise funds for Annakennedyonline.

Dancing at Autism Got Talent

2. Coming from an Italian background I love Mediterranean food and salads with olive oil. I never smoke or drink , not that  I judge others that do.  Only health wise I  want to around as long as possible for my boys.

3. After a tough day, and not much sleep, I use Radox to help soothe my aching body and muscles, especially after I’ve overdone it at a dance class. As an extra treat, and if I’ve got time, I often use a mask called WOW Mask to hydrate my skin.

4. In the morning I moisturise with Oil of Olay. I was introduced to it when I was voted Oil of Olay’s most inspirational woman by Twiggy in 2012.

5. To give me a bit of colour, I use a great tanning cream - Creightons Bronze Ambition, Fake don’t Bake, which lasts a week. My sister introduced me to it and it’s fabulous. Spray some Daily Deluxe on top for a swift freshen up for your skin.  
No matter what life throws, never give in. There is always an answer around the corner.

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