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Friday, 6 November 2015


                Coming soon a review on what could be the biggest buzz word in fitness in years. Arginoline 

Arginoline  may help

lower blood pressure 

Relieve Angina 

Prevent blood clots 

Improve circulation

Strengthen the immune system

Balance hormonal activity 

Improving sexual function.
Arginoline also  helps  Improves muscle mass
One of the most significant risk factor of disability in old age is muscle degeneration (Sarcopenia). Depletion of muscle mass leads to a weakening of the muscles and increase the risk of falls, fractures and injuries. In addition to aerobic exercise for building and strengthening muscle mass it is important to follow a proper diet.

Daily L-Arginine can increase the rate of metabolism in the muscles, preventing the depletion and even increase muscle mass, improve glucose metabolism and improve blood circulation significantly.

People who engage in Intensive physical exercise are exploiting the feature of L-Arginine to expedite tissue growth by increasing protein synthesis to increase muscle mass. Using L-Arginine combined with exercise also reduces body fat.

Arginoline is a unique product that allows taking a large amount of concentrated liquid L-Arg

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