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Thursday, 6 August 2015


Account manger for Institute HYALUAL UK Paule Lijo gives  her five top beauty tips

Paula Lijo with WOW mask

Busy  girl about town Paula Lijo has a hectic work schedule and likes to keep up an equally demanding social life on  the london party scene. Here she tells us how she does both and looks so good. 

1.  If you are like me and love  to have a little bit to much coffee wine and  stay up late dancing  the night away , and of course just love the sun and everything out doors on top of that. I have a great rejuvenation  secret it is  why  I always look my best. WOW mask  it is my favourite  home spa treatment and I use it once a week. Or if i have stayed out a little later than I should  simply pop it on  and know one will know your secret.

Stunning party girl Paule Ligo
2 When it comes to skin maintenance   hydration is one of my top tips ! Drink water! Never get to a stage when you feel thirsty as this already suggests dehydration. In addition I love to keep my skin hydrated externally as well. Since I started to work for Institute Hyalual I got absolutely hooked with Aqualual pure hyaluronic acid (HA) and melt water spray. It helps to keep my skin hydrated during the day and I also use it for skin cleansing as a substitute to tap water to avoid dryness and sensitivity.

3 My skin in general has always been very sensitive and problematic. I have tried tons of different skin care products. And only when I  started to work in beauty industry I learned that less is always more . And this is a very common problem in skin care regimens. I stopped using heavy moisturisers and switched to HA and water based products. Hyalual Daily DeLux makes a basis of my daily skin care. It is a unique combination of hyaluronic and amber (succinic) acids, which provides a powerful antioxidant and hydration effects. I use Daily DeLux in the morning on the top of the serum (or on its own) and in the evening spray all over my face after thorough cleansing. 


 4  Fourth tip is when ever going outside whether it is any season sun- protection is an absolute must. Nothing ages skin faster than damaging sun-rays! I use Hyalual Safe Sun instead of any other moisturizer switching to different S.P.F  according to the  season.

5 The most important tip is to be yourself  and look at the positives in life, Nothing ages you more than stress and  try yoga or mediation for  ten minutes a day.Stay away from  make up that becomes a mask  as the maintenance   is high and not great for the skin.  Highlight your best features .  Then spray on Daily Deluxe  to truly shine through. 


Stay natural Stay Natural - It Is The best look



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