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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Five Beauty Tips By Aesthetic Artist Iryna Stewart and M.D Of HYALUAL UK.

Iryna Stewart

Iryna Stewart M.D of HYALUAL UK is not just a skin care expert; she’s an aesthetic artist.

Unusually, along with her degree in medicine, Iryna also has a degree in fine art and views her clients as a blank canvas on which she creates a totally natural look that will never reveal the secret that any work has been done.

It’s this unique and individually tailored approach to anti-ageing skin treatments that has the Who’s Who of London clamouring to see her.

Iryna is responsible for bringing HYALUAL products to the UK, introducing an easy and exciting new of caring for your skin with suburb results. 

Here are her top five beauty tips . 

1. Inner beauty is important. Surround yourself with positive people and a strong core of family and friends. Just look at happy people – they have a sparkle in their eyes. If you go looking trouble or drama it will always find, and it will show in your looks too. 

2. No matter how busy you are, find ten to fifteen minutes a day to do some yoga, mediation or cardio exercise. It makes you feel great and look good. Once you’ve finished, spray some Aqualual melt water on your face – it will take away the redness and make you feel refreshed.

3. Make sure you don't over-moisturise your skin; use a sunblock instead. Too much moisturiser can leave skin looking tired so use a Factor 20 sunscreen in the morning; you’ll see a difference quite quickly. 

4. Use Simple cleaners in the morning then splash cold water , then hot, on your face several times. This will leave your skin looking fabulous and was an old Hollywood trick used by stars such as Joan Crawford. After patting day, spray on Daily Delux by HYALUAL.

5 My secret weapon is the WOW mask. If you have a party or special night out then use it in the morning and you’ll look amazing for the big event. It can also be used just a few hours before – it’s like having a facial that keeps on working for days.

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