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Friday, 31 October 2014

Healthy Eating Try This Best Bread

     I have always tried to eat and live  healthily but I am far from being an angel and just  love a treat. Early this year I lost all of my belly fat  that I gained slowly over the years by changing my diet cutting out the carbs and opting for  brown rice I realised that my body just did not need so much bread, cereal or white rice.

One thing I missed was the odd piece of toast. It was suggested giving  gluten and wheat free breads a try but not to over indugle .When I tried  at them many  were  replaced with fats or fell apart as soon as you opened the packet and tasted as they had been made of cardboard .

 Then I came across the answer DS-Gluten free it a brand of Dr Schar made of sourdough ,millet and quinoa .  The sourdough gives the bread it's light texture. millet makes it rich in fibre and amino acids , minerals. The  new health buzz word quinoa is  high in protein , calcuim  and iron.

Believe me it flys off the shelves in Tesco's  'Free From" section I often buy a couple and keep them in the freezer and it is the first  gluten and wheat free bread that really  you would not know it was not the real deal. Great for Turkey and avocado sandwich and unlike many of the other free from breads does not collapse the minute you put anything on it.

Well worth a try .

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Steven's Hair and Beauty Blog : I am now the Patron of Anna Kennedy on Line

Steven's Hair and Beauty Blog : I am now the Patron of Anna Kennedy on Line:

Anna Kennedy On Line

We are  so proud to announce our new patron – Steven Smith.  A powerhouse who has thrown himself into supporting AnnaKennedyOnline from day one!

Author of 2 books and a third on the way, I’m a 10 years freelance writer, corporate & show-biz PR professional and popular radio voice (see voice-over tape below).Pulling together Special Events is a forte and great successes have been: KPMG’s Women in Business; Refuge Glamour Ball and Sandance Ball.Originally discovered for my hairdressing talents way back when…  including eight years in Beverly Hills – returning to London in the 90’s, I rose to fame as a celebrity hairdresser.In addition to my own hair and beauty column in The Sun newspaper, I was a regular on the Lorraine Kelly’s GMTV show during which I transformed Lorraine into movie legend Elizabeth Taylor.
Having been a judge for ” Wear if for Autism ” I was shocked to read about the  often horrific bullying in society of young people with Autism and the discrimination they face in life. I wanted to make a difference I want to educate people that its not OK because someone does not fit in to the mains stream  of society to treat them with less than hundred percent respect.
Meeting the truly remarkable Anna Kennedy OBE inspired me to come on board. I hope to bring my skills to the table and help make a difference.

I am now the Patron of Anna Kennedy on Line