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Monday, 11 August 2014

The Protein Filled Snack Taste of Texas Beef Jerky

Taste Of Texas

I have noticed in many of the gyms across London the apperances of a protein snack Beef Jerky.  Having lived in the US I had seen it many years back it was very popular with the cow-boys on the Rodeo Track and with many red meat lovers.  It is also a common thing in shops across South Africa. 

So it came as not surprise to discover Maurizio Morelli celebrity chef at Latuim has launched a range of the protein treat.  Paul New Texan reseident and former Aviator   gave up flying to train with Maurizo and introduced him to the unique receipt for the jerky and Taste of Texas was born. 

With Maurizo at the launch of Taste of Texas

It is popular already with the gym crowd as the protein level is extremely high offering more than many fitness drinks it is easy to carry around and  no need to mix. Now for you who know me i hate red meat  but for those that do this is an amazing idea.

Here i am at the lauch party with Maurizo orgonised by Box Pr at The Phene Chelsea

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