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Friday, 8 August 2014


Copyright Steven Smith 
 People have always raved over Doctor Duna Al amazing acupuncture face lift and treatment for the whole body she is one of the most sought after alternative therapy practisioners in the UK she flys all over the world treating private patients .

Copyright Steven Smith picture Jilly Johnson having the acupuncture face lift  by Doctor Duna Ali 

Doctor  Duna has teamed up with the Bionad Clinic the only establsihment  in Europe offering NAD+ therapy.

The  acupuncture face lift is huge is the US, with people such as Kim Kardashain and Demi Moore to name a few all devotees of the youth giving relaxing treatment . Doctor Duna approach to facial acupuncture is different form many , combing a unique approach  based on inserting needles on the acupoints and on the lines and wrinkles then  by inserting long needles to the tune the face muscles  rather like threading a needling . Duna found that this technique makes   for a better longer lasting results. 

Doctor Duna Ali

But when Duna was treating a patient undergoing NAD+ Therapy and was astounded by how much stronger the results of her acupuncture was . But what is NAD? The initials stand for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, a metabolic co enzyme that is responsible for the repair and re-modeling of every cell in the body.

Our bodies are under great pressure on a daily basis to produce enzymes to keep us in ultimate health and NAD is essential in the production of the energy molecules, which effectively give our bodies a regular MOT.

NAD Therapy is a natural way to generate cellular energy. It
increases mental clarity and alertness, which so often diminish with age, as the brain uses ten times more NAD than any other organ. NAD also helps repair DNA damage and enhances mood and emotional balance.

After just one NAD session, many people report having a renewed energy, as well as being able to sleep better and to think more clearly.

NAD therapy is painless and no side effects have been reported after the treatment, although you may feel a little lightheaded. Tightening of the chest can sometimes occur during treatment but this will subside once you relax in the Bionad treatment rooms, which are supervised by trained nursing staff.

Many of those who have undergone this revolutionary therapy report immediate benefits amid a general feeling of rejuvenation. For others, the benefits can take longer to come through – some report tiredness and generally feeling down feeling during the course of treatment. However, this is quickly replaced with an improved feeling of wellbeing as the body strengthens in response to the therapy.

To optimise the effect of the treatment, patients should ensure that they allow themselves time to relax and get plenty of sleep. Some 90% of patients report no cravings, increased clarity of mind, better problem-solving ability, improved focus and concentration, increased energy, and improved mood.

So what is the science behind this groundbreaking new anti-ageing treatment? In December of last year, Harvard University, The National Institutes of Health, MIT, and the University of New South Wales published a joint study into reversal of the ageing process in mice and published the results in the prestigious science journal Cell. BBC News and many other news media hailed the results as the most important breakthrough yet in age reversal.

The team of scientists included Dr David Sinclair, who discovered the anti-aging properties of the compound Resveratrol, along with a distinguished group of the most notable researchers in the field of cell biology and ageing.
Doctor Duna believes that opening up the channels helps make the NAD+ therapy even stronger and the results of her treatment  astounding . 

Copyright Steven Smith 

You can book with Doctor Duna at the Bionad Clinic 

19 Devonshire Street
(corner of Harley Street)
Phone : 020 3322 7793
Email :

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