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Monday, 30 June 2014

"You've got to have it "

 Crystal Clear  
Lift Away The Years 

Loren Oberg tries the sensational Lift Away The Years  by
               Every so often among the lotions, potions and beauty creams that flood onto the market there's something that really stands out and this year it has to be 'Lift Away The Years' by Crystal Clear. It's like a magic wand if you're in need of a quick fix before dashing out for the evening after work or just need a general freshen up. It's also great to use as part of your morning beauty regime.

               I discovered Crystal Clear a few years back, when I tried their microdermabrasion facial. And last Wednesday at a glamorous show-biz party held around  the Haymarket Hotel pool they and several other fashion and beauty companies demonstrated their latest products to a mix of media and celebrity guests.

             When they suggested my friend Lorena Oberg try 'Lift Away the Years' I have to say I was rather doubtful. At first sight it looked like just another gimmick - and as Lorena was already looking fabulous, I was concerned that she'd ruin her make-up.  But the demonstrator assured us it was easy to apply and would enhance rather than ruin her existing make-up. In fact, the only time it should not be used is for a fortnight after Botox or fillers. After than, it is designed to increase the longevity of both.

             The wand is easy to use and takes between five and ten minutes the first few times you use it. After that, it takes just a couple of minutes to make your skin look toned and firmer. To show how it really worked, they did the right side of Lorena's face first, moving the wand and holding it on the jawline before moving to the chin bone and eye area. It was impressive, particularly as Lorena was already looking great - she began to look even fresher on the right hand side of her face. Lorena herself was knocked out - particularly as we were told the effect would be enhanced as the evening wore on - and she couldn't wait to have the other side of done.

             'Lift Away The Years' uses sonic technology that instantly lifts the skin while applying the intense anti-ageing cream. When the cream runs out, simply refill the wand. It's battery operated so these will need to be changed from time to time. It's also compact enough to fit in your handbag.

Crystal Clear evening

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