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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Super Star Hairdresser Adrian Wilde 5 little Tips.

 Superstar Hairdresser Adrian Wilde's Five Little Beauty Tips

One of the nicest hairdressers you could want to meet has to be Northern celebrity stylist Adrian Wilde. The list of stars that have sat in his chair runs for miles. He's a regular on BBC Manchester radio and does not charge the prices you'd expect to pay at other salons that cater to the stars. Here he shares his five little beauty tips.

1 if you colour your always invest in a salon reconvened treatment! 

2 if you have a build up of product try putting some washing up liquid on the hair before you wet it then wash it again this should get rid of build up of product! 

3 if your hair is greasy never run the scalp to much as this activates the sebaceous glad that will create more oil instead just leave the shampoo on for 5 mins with no scrubbing! 

4 if you have a kink on your hair blow it the opposite way than you want it to go and then blow it again in the right direction this should help keep it straight! 

5 if your growing your hair still keep getting it trimmed as this will help stimulate your shut to grow and try using the straighteners less and always with a heat protector

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