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Monday, 19 May 2014


 Star waxer Antonia Galvo 

I am luckily free of body hair apart from in the usual places, so I guess you could call me a pretty smooth fella (apologies for the pun!). But there is one irritation I do have - nose hair. I've tried just about everything on the market to get rid of them, but nothing really worked, often leaving some of the hairs behind or the roots showing.

Now, this may sound vain, worrying about a few nose hairs, but they really get to me. When I see a man with hair sticking out of his nose, they remind me of someone's grandad, and I have to resist the urge to offer them a nose trimmer.

When I was in Miami a few years back, I was at a salon with a friend who was getting his chest waxed, ready to hit South Beach show off his pecs. Sitting in on his treatment, I heard the lady ask if he wanted his nose done too. To my amazement, she placed menthol wax (a different kind of wax than is used on the legs and chest) into his nose, and a minute later pulled it out, leaving his nose free of hair.

My friend is used to waxing, being Latin and somewhat hirsute. The beautician, who came from Brazil, told me many men have their noses hair waxed there - they even do it in the barbers. So I jumped on the couch and let her place the wax in my nose. I have to say it's not for the faint hearted (although I'm also told I have a very low pain threshold). To me, it felt like a small punch to the nose. However, it was worth it, as it was the first time I was totally free of nose hairs.

Back in the good old UK, where a man having a manicure can still raise eyebrows, it was near impossible to get the nose treatment. I rang salon after salon - one even took offence at the very question and hung up on me! Then I realised that most Brazilian salons would offer the procedure and found a brilliant waxer/beautician right by Chelsea Football club - . Antonia Galvao and her sister Jane originate from Brazil are an institution in Fulham. As well as their waxing technique, they give excellent facial massages.

Trust me, if nose hairs are an issue, you could not be in safer hands. 

For appointments call 07850144907 

Copyright Steven Smith 

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