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Wednesday, 21 May 2014


We all know that you are what you eat. But sometimes, as a single man,/woman  it's difficult to come home and start cooking after a day's work. Supermarkets still tend to cater for families, which means you have to buy more than you want or need and run the risk of wasting the food. I'm very much a fresh produce guy and I don't like freezing food because I feel some of the nutrition will be lost. As for ready meals, just look at the list of ingredients on the back - far too much sugar, salt and other additives. Even the labels billed as healthy are often anything but.

I have been really into my training since coming back from India. I've been at the gym most days and working on a high protein low/carb food regime. It's been hard sticking to it, and expensive - sometimes I look at my supermarket bill and think I might as well have eaten out.

Today I discovered something unusual at my gym - it has a ready meal section offering the BodyPlus prepared food range They deliver every day to the gym but I was a bit suspicious, wondering if it could be a good as it looked. And it certainly does look mouth-wateringly good. At £4.99, it's cheaper than a coffee and a sandwich in many places.

One of the gym  trainers practically pushed me out of the way to get at the beef rump with sesame noodles and sautéed kale! Not being a red meat eater I took the plunge and bough the lemon and garlic chicken with citrus quinoa.

There are four meal types in the range:
                                                     Body Plus +Muscle Gain
                                                     Body Plus: Weight Maintenance
                                                     Body Plus: Weight Loss
                                                     Body Plus Vegetarian

I have just had my first BodyPlus ready meal and it was absolutely delicious. I felt as though I had just dined at a good restaurant and now can't wait to try the rest of the range.
Join them on Face Book and watch this space for updates on this company. It really is the answer for people who live alone, work out hard and want to eat well without spending a fortune.

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