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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Katie Keeley Medium

Off subject but this  can make you feel good and feeling great makes you look good have you ever had a  psychic reading ? Well i have had a few and the one i recommend is the lovely Katie Keeley  is based in Blackpool everyone I have sent  to  her have   been thrilled with her talents.

Katie Keeley Medium

She has had the gift from being a small child she thought it was quite normal to see spirits. Even her three children have the gift but choose not to use it at present.
In her working life she uses many tools such a tarot cards, pendulum, angel cards, numerology , colour therapy. astrology, dream analysis.  She did my first reading by phone but was spot on with her instinct and guidance .

I had tea with her when in Blackpool and what an exciting experiences she is so passionate about her gift  and even in normal conversation she lets you know little things that can guide you , like wait till May to have a deep discussion or confront someone or get into an argument this period it can end in disaster and not ever be resolved.

If you would like a reading contact her via   her web page

I know there are many that do not believe and thats fine and you should not rule your life by psychic but she is better than many life coaches and can might  just help you get over that hurdle or love problem .

Copyright  Steven Smith
Picture of Katie Keeley Copyright of Katie Keeley

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