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Thursday, 27 February 2014


By Steven Smith
Copyright Steven Smith

BACK IN the 11th century, a religious group called the Cathars appeared in Europe. Renowned for their healing powers, they were fundamentally Christians who believed in good and evil. According to their beliefs, the earth was created by the Devil and their souls had been tricked out of Heaven. Many turned to them for help with health and other problems.
Cathars C

The Cathars believed in reincarnation, but the Roman Catholic Church, having less liberal views, did not approve and most of this loving community were murdered or burnt at the stake in the Inquisition of the 13th century.

Over the years there have been reports of people believing they are reincarnated Cathars and these have been growing in numbers recently. You can argue that it’s a romantic idea that would appeal to those looking for a meaning to life or who are searching for something to validate them. It’s certainly true that people are turning away from traditional Christian religions in favour of other faiths and spiritual paths. 

Equally, with scientific medicine under the hammer, many are looking for natural ways to mend, protect and strengthen their bodies. So, if you believe in reincarnation, perhaps there’s no better time for the Cathars to return.

Ten years ago I studied Reiki, which is a safe and gentle hands-on healing. I’ve felt its benefits myself and friends have said my touch leaves them feeling better. So I’ve been a believer in alterative therapy for a while and am always open to new ideas on health and in spiritual enlightenment.

When I was suffering lower back problems recently a friend suggested I see Simon Hinton, who has a reputation as a powerful healer. Some even say he’s a modern day Wizard.

Simon, a former model, musician and entrepreneur, works out of the Charterhouse Clinic near Baker Street, which is renowned for its alternative treatments. Among the techniques he uses are light therapy and quantum healing - a mixture of Super Reiki, Tachyon, Physic surgery and quantum power programming. The mix must be working, as people flock to his practice, so it was with an open mind that I took myself off to meet him last month.

Simon Hinton

The first thing that hits you about Simon is that he looks nothing like a new age guru; he’s more the sort of bloke you’d have a chat with about the match over a pint in the pub rather than a deep discussion about the nature of the universe.

That put me at my ease and I told Simon about my back and how I sometimes felt stressed and anxious and that it was beginning to affect my everyday life. He smiled as he told me that these problems were connected, as the lower back is where all the stress is held and can be released if you become tired or hyperactive. “Don’t worry,” he said, “we’ll soon get you cleaned up.”

He asked me to lie down and placed laser lights on the chakra points of my body. These are natural UV lights in red, violet and infrared and their energy penetrates the body, interacting with various molecules. This sets in motion a chemical reaction within each cell that restores normal function. Immediately I felt relaxed.

Then he placed Tachyon boots on my feet. Tachyon is an energy that moves faster than light and can help in the mental and emotional area as well as removing energy blockages that lead to tiredness. I felt an immediate effect - some parts of my feet felt a little painful, with a tingle running up them – but Simon said that was quite normal. So I relaxed and the sensation subsided within a few minutes.

The whole atmosphere was relaxing, from the new age music to the aromatherapy burning. As I relaxed, I seemed to feel an energy running up and down my body although at times there was a tingling pain that was a little uncomfortable in some parts of my body. Simon assured me this was just my Chakra being cleaned and explained that the points that are blocked can be stubborn, hence the tingling. He placed a lavender pillow over my eyes and again bid me to relax.

Simon studied Kabalah, an ancient mystical Jewish religion, back in the 1990s – long before Madonna and her gang made it fashionable, he is swift to point out. He found it an intriguing alternative to the traditional Christian religion he had been brought up with and began to devour books on healing, the occult and other religions. He became aware of his own powers after a visit to the Egyptian pyramids, when he became overpowered by visions.

On the advice of a girlfriend who was a massage therapist, Simon went on a Reiki course, where he turned out to be a gifted student. “I’m not sure what had happened at the course but that evening I was at friends place and their cat would just not leave me alone. I started to stroke it and eventually it went into a trance-like state – everyone in the room was shocked, including myself,” Simon told me as he laid his hands on my lower legs. Taking a deep breath, he started what he calls “Super Reiki.” Whatever it is, it feels amazing; it’s as though my body is being lifted from the couch.

Simon believes that more and more people from the Cathar movement of the 13th century are coming to see him. They have been re born and because of their horrific deaths (they were burned at the stake) their souls are damaged in this lifetime and they need healing. The lady on the reception desk is Cathar, he says, in a matter-of-fact way.

Now that should have been my cue to remember I’d left the cooker on and make a swift exit! But I was so relaxed and was experiencing such euphoria he could have told me he was bringing back the Manson Family and I’d just have nodded happily.

After all, what harm could it do? So many wars have been fought and millions killed over other religions and so-called gods and there’s about as much evidence for them as for Santa or the tooth fairy. I’ve always had a dislike of hard core Christians, or anything fanatical, and have been interested in the concept of reincarnation since reading  “Many lives, Many Masters” by Brian Weiss back in the 1990s. It’s the story of a prominent psychiatrist and his patient and her past lives.

In a subsequent session Simon told me that I was a Cathar in a past life but had escaped unharmed. For me, the jury is still out on this side of Simon’s therapy but I have no doubts that everything else he did was making me feel better.

Simon took off the Tachyon boots and began to hold my feet. I was looking forward to this as I love reflexology and could have my feet massaged for hours. But to my horror, a searing pain hit my foot as Simon pressed down. “Go with it, Steven, it’s clearing it all up,” Simon urged, as he revealed he was using virtually no pressure.

I’m surprised I did not kick Simon into next week, the pain was so intense but, suddenly, it eased, and as he moved around my feet they react to the pressing with different degrees of discomfort.
“It’s called Psychic surgery,” Simon told me, nothing to do with reflexology. He returned to my feet and the pain subsided. Nobody seems to know how Psychic surgery works; some believe it’s a gift. It’s also known as barehanded surgery and is a very popular way of healing in the Philippines.

Simon re-composed me and I became relaxed again as le laid his healing hands back on me. This time he called for my spirit guide, angels and others to lead me to the path of success and healing.

Now, at this point, you might be saying “Give me a break!” but all I can tell you is that it felt truly amazing. And is it that much different from asking God or the baby Jesus to help you out? Prayers do seem to help millions of people and this was certainly helping me.

Suddenly the left side of my body went ice cold. The sceptic in me removed my lavender eye mask and asked Simon if a fan was on. “It’s just a spirit,” he said, in the same casual tone you’d use if Aunt Mavis popped in to borrow a cup of sugar.

Two and half hours later, I felt like I had taken some wonder drug, although I could barely stand. Simon steadied me and gave me some water, then performed a ritual to bring me back to down to earth.

An hour later, I was in a meeting but my sight was not right and I felt quite odd, almost drunk. Simon had warned me not to dash around and take at easy for a few hours as this was my first treatment. By the evening, however, everything was back to normal except for the wonderful feeling that I could take on the world. The next day was even better - my back was fine and I had a great feeling of happiness. One of my friends noticed I was different, wondering whether I’d had botox or a facial.

Some may think this sounds like a load of self-indulgent nonsense, and with prices up £200 a time, it’s certainly not cheap. But, from my experience, I can certainly say that it worked. If you open yourself up to it, you can feel like a new person. It’s not something most of us could afford on a weekly basis but, like an MOT for the car, it’s a must for the soul and body, and I would recommend saving for it.

Copyright Steven Smith


Sunday, 16 February 2014

One of my favourite pictures.

Back stage at "Catwalk for Change i was not only lucky to meet a lovely couple supremo model Corinne Tuddenham -Trett and her other half  Shane Finn a remarkable  photographer and where he excels as well as being a brilliant all rounder, he captures the moment not a lot of set up and brings your character  out in a flash . Added bonus was that he shot me with Corinne and it is one of my favourite pictures .

 Shane has his own web page it is well worth taking a look at his . work. Corrine has a very popular fashion Blog lot's of fabulous work tips and advise.  

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Meet Simon Hinton - A modern day wizard with a magical touch

Coming soon - Meet Simon Hinton

I am being treated by Simon for a variety of aches, pains and anxieties. Quite simply, the man is a genius; I'd almost call him a modern day wizard. Stand by for a full review and the story of my journey with Simon, which I'll post on the blog next week. In the meantime, check out his website:

Simon Hinton

Simon Hinton