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Saturday, 5 October 2013

"I want to tell you a secret " Five Top Beauty Tips by Nicole Gibson

Nicole Gibson tipped to be a  Super Model 

At the kick off for London Fashion week, there was one models name on everyone's lips Nicole Gibson , as she sashayed down the run way on September the 6th at the WaterLilly venue London  wearing a vintage  Couture gown  for Models of Diversity , the fashion world would never be the same as  that  night had given birth to  what promised to be the first openly transgender Super Model .  Everyones eyes where transfixed on the Brighton beauty and the worlds press can just not get enough of her style honesty, beauty  and down right courage  

Despite  her hectic  schedule i asked her for her five beauty tip she was more than happy to  oblige  

Tip one Smile  

When I am brushing my teeth in the morning I always give me lips a brush as well, it removes the dead skin and gives them a bee stung look. Then on goes the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream ( a must when your flying long hall ) this gives my lips a long lasting gloss. I swear by it  so does Robbie Williams and host of celebrities. 

Tip 2 Spots 
I can be a naughty girl and not always take my make-up off before bed, as we know thats a cardinal sin.This can result on the odd break out of spots. A tip i picked up from my sister was to put a little tooth paste on the tip of your finger and apply to the spot , leaving over night By the morning the spot should be dried up and just add some concealer

Tip 3 Eyebrows
It is so important to have great eye-brows i pluck the odd one when i am doing my make-up in the morning. But i favour having them threaded or waxed . Threading the ancient art of hair removal from the Eastern world , it gives a great shape.
Threading the ancient art of hair removal 

I recommend heavily pencilling your desired shape in so the beautician can see the shape you want. A little tip always take your sun glasses so you can hide any redness after the treatment . When putting your face on i recommend a brow powder instead of a pencil and go a few shades lighter than your hair.

 Tip 4  Liquid Flick
I don not leave the house without a winged eye, I start from the middle of the eyes , and take it to the outer corner , repeat to get to best  required thickness .Then go finely from the inner corner and meet in the middle . And finally to achieve the wing effect I go from out to in, it seems to give me more control  A lot of people avoid liquid as it can be tricky, practise makes perfect  well worth the effort.

BeautIful Nicole Gibson .

 Tip 5  less is more .

I don't spend a lot of money on make- up. I get all my beauty products from the High street. I don't have any MAC, NARS etc. in my make up bag. You can find exactly what you need in Boots. I get mine even cheaper in savers... Shhhh! Depending on the time of year my complexion changes so I tend to buy both sides of my foundation match so if I've been in or out of the sun I can mix them to achieve the perfect colour. And if with mascara or liquid eyeliner they brush isn't as good in the cheaper ones, just use the brush of your old posh one. 

Nicole let me into a little secret she is about be shot by world famous  photographer Jeany Savage the lady that  launched Kelly Brooks and Katie Price. watch this space. 

Nicole  Gibson and  Jacqueline Hooton back stage at CatWalk 4 Change with me/
Copyright Steven Smith 


  1. i love this new blog already! I cant wait to follow more. Steven is a really lovely smiling soul and I was delighted to meet him through Autism s Got Talent and Anna Kennedy Online. I need beauty tips cos its time now for me to start looking after mysrlf. my son who has Autism is spreading his wings learning to live independently and i have realised in recrnt months i have let myself go concetrsting on bringing up my sons as a single mum and working teaching kids with complex special needs. so ... my point! Thanks Steven snd thanks Nicole for your real life real value tips!
    waiting for more
    Alison Anne Bell Puttock

    1. What a lovely comment made my day from a beautiful lady who oozes kindness and loved