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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Clarisonic facial/body brushes tested

Julia Champion has her hands full - not only is she a busy mum of two, she also runs her own business, Champion Talent, which looks after many of the UK's top celebrities. She has to think on her feet and needs to look her best at all times, as she's frequently called on to attend glittering showbiz events and red carpet parties.

I asked Julia to try out a beauty product I've been hearing about - the Clarisonic Facial Brush - which they say is the ultimate weapon to give your skin the star treatment. Louise Redknapp is among those who rave about it, giving the brush the thumbs up on Chanel 4's How Not to Get Old. With such endorsements, I couldn't wait to hear how Julia got on with the brush.

Julia gave the Clarisonic Facial Brush full marks - 10 out of 10

Julia tested the brush whilst having a facial at her local salon. "I loved the way it felt," she says. "It was like having a massage, it made me feel relaxed and my skin felt really great." But she wondered whether using the brush on its own, and not whilst having a facial, would have the same effect.

It did - right from the start of her trial, Julia felt a difference and other people noticed too. "When I dropped my kids off at school, some of the mothers told me that my skin was looking great and that was after I'd used it only once."

The brush came with a charger and gentle Hydro cleanser. There are several cleansers and serums that you can be used with the brush and replacement can be bought online.

Julia used her Clarisonic twice a week and it;s safe to be used in the shower or the bath. "I felt as if I was giving myself a little facial each time I used it," Julia tells me.

Celebrity Agent Julia Champion uses Clarasonic Facial Brush

After two weeks, the improvement in Julia's skin became even more remarkable .     Julia began to notice significant differences in her skin  the tiny white heads (Milla) she  would have to pay and extra £20 in the salon to have removed, where barely noticeable. Julia also noticed her skin had a much fresher appearance. "Another great bonus was that both my day and night moisturisers seemed to absorbed so much better after using the brush, I could really feel them soak in," she says.

The Clarisonic was developed by scientists and engineers in the US. They were determined to use technology to transform skin and, three years and 40 patents later, they came up with the Clarisonic skin system, which was launched in 2004.

Julia says she would not hesitate to recommend the brush. And, she says, "I already have the Clarisonic body brush on my Christmas list."

Julia Champion 5 little beauty tips

1. I love BaByliss 2777U Big hair Rotating Styler. It gives me a look that is nearest thing to a professional blow-dry.

2.  I love Shellac nail polish. It's long-lasting and keeps my nails looking good for up to three weeks. It costs around £25 but doesn't harm the nails and is well worth it.
Hollywood nails   O208 7615738

3. Relax in the bath. I love having a long soak when I have time, there's nothing more relaxing. I fill the bath, pour in some Sainsbury's Sleep Moment foam bath and ban anyone from disturbing me.

4 Always have a set of false lashes in your make -up bag , that way if you are called to a last minute event or dinner you can quickly glam  up you day make-up and give your-self a fab new look.
How to by Sue Moxely

5. I love the Garnier night and day cream, and their under eye concealer  is as good as some of the expensive ones i have used .

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