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Sunday, 15 September 2013

October is Give up smoking month .

If you want to stay pretty one of the  best  things to do is give up smoking , October is give up smoking month, one of the best ways to do it Acupuncture .

Personal trainer supremo Michael Power turned to Doctor Duna Alrudayni to help  stop the habit. Mike a  42 year old fitness fan with the body of a model life style in every way all health food and early nights and hours of dedication at the gym, but he just could not kick the smoking.

After a consolation with Doctor Duna , small padded needles where placed in his ear are that would stay in and be replaced every seven days. Also needles where placed in his body area for thirty minutes to detox his system from the negative effects of smoking .

Michael found that just after one session , his craving for smoking was greatly reduced, he was shocked as having smoked since a teenage he thought it would be a battle and half to give up the weed. Mike said  " I did feel i had flue for a few days, but Duna said that was the body detoxing , by the second session it was almost gone"

Doctor Duna suggests at least 4-5 sessions followed by a  follow up every other month to keep the craving away.  Not only is Michael pleased  but the savings on his pocket have been amazing.

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