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Monday, 2 September 2013

Best kept secret Rose Hip Oil

The best kept skin secret of the stars is out and it does not cost hundred of pounds it's Rose-Hip Oil.
Sexy super  model David Gandy revealed how he keeps his youthful glow this week Rose-Hip Oil and it seems like he is not the only star who uses the natural oil.
David Gandy uses Rose Hip Oil 
David never  travels with out it , and insists it keeps his skin hydrated and looking fresh on long haul flights, after which  he often has to dash straight to the studio and is expected to look his best .

The oils contain lycopene and beta-caroten , which helps protect the skin from external aggressors and the oil has astringent qualities, meaning it can shrink the capillaries lying  beneath the skins surface , thereby reducing redness .

Unlike many facial oils it's also absorbed by the skin incredibly easily  "Rose-hip " is a dry oil , so it penetrates the deepest layer of the skin cells producing more collagen elastin , reducing redness.

It is so light that you can even apply it over make-up after work to give you a fresh look. or mix with your night /day cream.

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