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Monday, 19 August 2013

Congratulations to Conrad and Emma Baker

A perfect couple
Conrad and Emma Baker
Here comes the bride - simple rules for wedding hair

The gorgeous Emma Noble would look fabulous even if she wore a bin bag, but for her big day she left nothing to chance, planning every aspect of her hair and make up to ensure she walked down the aisle as the ultimate fairy tale bride.

Apart from the dress, the most important thing is the bride's hair, her crowning glory. Here are some simple steps for brides to follow for their big day.

1 Try to use a hairdresser who knows you and your hair. Going to someone new can spell disaster.

2 If you really can't use your usual hairdresser, then have a few trial runs with the one you are going to see. This will cost you but it will be well worth it and will enable you to relax on the big day, knowing that you'll be happy with your look.

3 Less is more - the last thing you want in years to come is for your children to point at your wedding portraits and say "Who's that, Mum?" Avoid having something so elaborate that it overshadows your own personality. Hairpieces, jewels and backcombing up to the nines can result in a coiffed masterpiece - but is it really you?

The elegant Audrey Hepburn "up-do" is always a winner but more brides these days are choosing to wear their hair down. With the eyes of the world on her, Princess Kate went for flowing locks with the sides swept up on her big day. Emma Noble, who has beautiful hair, chose big waves set on carmen rollers that kept the shine to her thick blonde hair.  

4 If you are going to colour or treat the hair before your wedding, make sure you have it done a week or so before your big day. Never opt for a new style or colour on the day as you will not be able to alter it if you are not happy.

5 The night before your wedding make sure you sleep on a silk pillowslip - you'll wake up fresh-faced and feeling great, and there'll be no static in your hair. 

6 If you have opted to wear your hair up, make sure you go for a simple style and one that will give you the option of taking it down in the evening when the dancing begins. Using a hair bungee, pins and grips and avoiding backcombing will ensure you don't walk onto the dance floor looking like a drag queen on crack.
7 Remember the hairdresser is there to look after you - it is your day and you must not allow yourself to be bullied into something you do not want. Nobody knows your hair better than you do.

8 Last, but not least, if you are not having your hair done in an air conditioned salon, make sure you are in a cool room. Even if you are not suffering from pre-wedding nerves, you want to avoid sweating. Make sure you allow yourself private time to get ready, away from all the chaos that weddings usually entail. Delegate everything to someone else for half an hour and sit back and relax.
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