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Friday, 14 June 2013

Top five beauty tips from Sue Moxely Super Star singer and one of the UK's greatest make-up artist.

I have had the honour of working with some amazing and multi talented make-up artist in my time, one who stands at the forefront is Sue Moxley , now part of the  singing duo Rich &Famious. The former model turned make-up artist , has  now wowed us with her incredible voice. My time with her she was just an artist with the  make-up  she really knew about looking good whilst staying natural . or ultra 
glamourise for the right occasion. Here she shares her top five beauty tips. 

1 Home made Face masks are just as good as many in the shops, Example 1 Egg white and 1 Table spoon of greek yogurt mixed together will soothe moisturise and tighten your skin and is suitable for all skin types.

2 Use multifunction products such as lipstick and blusher in one to save time and money.

3 A must in beauty  invest in a magnifying mirror great for plucking eye brows and applying your make-up try Cindy Jackson's

4 If you run out of cleanser or make-up wipes try baby wipes much cheaper they are great at getting the make up off.

5 Buy a home gel kit for your nails available at Argos and on Amazon, Nailene Kit is about the 70 pounds but will last a year instead of ~£25 every time you visit the salon .

Sue Moxely and David Van Day's  Rich and Famous  album  is available on Rich &Famous
Sue's own range of make-up    
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Me and Sue Moxely  Copyright Steven Smith 

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  1. Great to see a product from one of our customers ( on this list - well done !