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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Time to find a new hairdresser ?

Is it time to find a new hairdresser?  even stars can have a bad hair day or make a mistake with a hair cut ,style colour . Whilst Alesha hair shone on Britain's  Got Talent  and she gave us  magnitude of stunning looks  Poor Amanda Holden the nations sweetheart  hair began to resemble Baby Jane Hudson .  Showing us that no matter how famous you are it doe's not guarantee that your going to look your best, we can all make mistakes with our looks but  how do you find the right hair stylists?

There are some golden rules for picking a hair dressers .  

Don't  ever walk into a salon on a whim for a new look or any service. 

Do go to a salon for a consultation before taking on a new hairdresser /colourist, go to several different salon's until your comfortable that you have found the right person. Even then may be an idea just to have  trim the first time around get aquatinted with them before having a style change. 

Don't take a recommendation from some one who has not got hair similar to you.

Do go to make -up department of the large stores  in your area and look at the make-up ladies hair they usually  can tell you who is the best around , again ask the lady with the hair nearest to you. 

Don't ever cut your hair or colour because your in a mood, good chance you will wake the next day in  much worse one when you look in the mirror.

Do try on wigs if you fancy changing your hair see how a new colour or cut may suit you. 

Don't be a hair slut try and stay faithful to the same cutter /colourist who know your hair best. Going to different people all the time does not keep you current it is most likely just never going to make you happy. As one of my dear clients said recently "I would either cheat on my husband than cheat on you dear "  
Do make sure that your hairdresser is going to be around for a while nothing worse than going back to find them gone.   

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