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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Putting your hair up does not have to be a drag part 1

It's Wimbledon next week and  hopefully Summer is  officaily here, loads of   the ladies  and a few men with  longer hair will be  rushing to put  it up, some to give you  a more  elegant look, or just to keep you cooler and scrape your hair off your face. and out of the way whilst still looking good.  Either way you do not have to go to lots of bother to get the right hair up, and its easy to do your self here are some handy hints.

1 Always have your number one must have brush at the ready. Mason and Pearson   .  This will allow you brush the hair smoothly and tightly to help before you grip the hair in place. Or brush out your hair in readiness for styling your hair into an update .  It is a little more expensive than your average brush at £70.36  but a well worth beauty buy.

2 Buy hair bungees 
Do not put elastic bands in your hair to create a pony tail, it can cause breakage , use hair bungees kinder for the hair and easier to use.

Tuck the  loose tail hair under and pin with a Kirby Grip  or two in either direction to create  a perfect add and accessory  to make a fab style

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