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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Legendary Star Jilly Johnson five little beauty secrets.

 Steven Smith with the beautiful Jilly Johnson copyright Steven R Smith 
Timeless beauty Jilly Johnson always turns head where ever she goes, and she seem's never to age. At the resent Wet Nose awards, Jilly model, actress , author and I caught up. Here she shares five top beauty secrets, Each month a different star will be giving us top-tips.

 1.Once a month , wash your hair in Fairy Liquid to strip detergents….makes my  hair shiney, full of body!

 2. Dish washer salt is my version of delux body exfoliant.

 3. Save money on supermarket lipstick/blushers/eyeshadows(they are basically same as designer
brands in my opinion )...use money on pure/sophisticated moisturiser.

 4. Wear overnight cotton gloves/socks after moisturiser for maximum effect

 5. Continually suck in and tighten tummy and pelvic floor at all times (exercise without even noticing) it will soon become habit.

Copyright Steven R Smith