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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Cosmetic Surgery Consultant to the Stars Cindy Jackson five beauty tips .

She is in the record books for undergoing more cosmetic surgery procedures than any one else in history . But these days the stunning blonde is the  World's only extreme self -make over and Cosmetic Surgery consultant to the stars, Cindy Jackson shares her five beauty tips.

1. Face  Regular exfoliation makes skin glow by getting rid of dead surface cells and reviving up circulation . But beware of toxic and cruel products, I never apply chemicals or bad Kama to my skin, my products are not animal tested . Try advanced microdermabrasion  and Vitamin  enriched moisturiser EnrichedMoisturise              r

2 Body . For an overnight spa moisturising treatment at home. Exfoliate first then coat yourself in organic coconut oil ( available online  or in health shops) and sleep in cotton pyjamas . Once a month massage the oil into your hair and scale , cover with a shower cap and sleep with a wooly hat for a deep  heat treatment . In the morning wash your hair as usual and be amazed at the shine.

3 Teeth, throw away the dental floss and get a Waterpik Waterflosser ( APhillips Sonicare High Tech Toothbrush is the one I  use ) You will be amazed at what still lurks in your teeth even after the most thorough brushing . Brush with baking soda once or twice a week to exfoliate your teeth .

4 Grooming My hight definition mirror is the most precise  mirror on the planet and must have for applying make up to perfection  .It is also great for travel as it will stick to most smooth surfaces. (Recommended by Good Housekeeping 2013 Issue )

5 For an instant face lift , Smile ! it will make you feel and look good. 
Cindy's book  "Living doll "is available and he must have book   Image & Cosmetic Surgery secrets  also available at 

Copyright Steven R Smith 

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