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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Botox is great in the hands of an artist , but beware !!!!

In my opinion it is shocking when I hear of beauticians , nurses or anyone but a fully qualified doctor taking a needle and injecting Botox into  another persons face I have even heard of people ordering it from the net and doing it to themselves ( Doing your own filling jumps to mind.)

   It is an art form and not to be undertaken by anyone who has not taken a degree in medicine, it's not a vitamin B shot. or a tetanus, it needs to be crafted to your individual need.

Recently a friend of mine who never seems to be able to tell me if the man he  goes to is or is not a doctor , commented on a photograph "Oh they have airbrushed me way to much " no!!! he had been over botoxed  and his face was starting to look like a  mask.

Botox is amazing for all sorts of things such as headaches , sweat problems, and making you look fresh again. But your face shape has to be taken into consideration, if your asset is your beautiful big eyes but your forehead is quite lined over botoxing the frown lines can droop your eyes and make you look tired ,you need to sit down with a doctor and consider the options.

If your are an actress or model who needs her expression for their living  you could combine Botox and acupuncture and light  filler , but could you imagine handing that desion  over to your local nurse or beautician. Many studio's in Hollywood have band actors having botox as it simply leaves them looking flat facially on screen .

Really consider your choices, (again this is only my opinion) a practise that charges per area I would avoid. Would you only have the sides of your hair cut.? Go to some who charges you one set price and  balances your face. Botox can do wonders in the right hands.

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