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Thursday, 9 May 2013

London has a new beauty craze - the Acupuncture face lift

The best kept secret in Hollywood the Acupuncture face lift - and now it's arrived in the UK. Chinese medicine and master of Acupuncture Dr Duna Alrudayni is seeing clients in her Harley Street practice for the anti-ageing boost. The treatment is not for those who want major work, but for those who want to stay away from the knife for a while and still look good, the results are amazing. Dr Duna suggests ten sessions to get the best results, but I have to say that after just one session everyone commented on my skin. Dr Duna recommends combining her Acupuncture with a session of Botox or filler. The acupuncture lifts the skin and promotes collagen, which you would not get from Botox or most fillers. I'll be bringing you an exclusive interview with Dr Duna soon. And you can follow her on Facebook:
Dr Duna is now doing acupuncture in Caterham :-


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