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Another Planet ?No, just Spain


Another Planet? No, just Spain 


By Steven Smith 



Steven Smith meets owner of micro-brewery “Another Planet”, Laurence Campbell, to chat about his bold move to Spain. Laurence achieved overnight fame in the hit British Channel 4 TV show, “A New Life in The Sun”.  


It is not unusual, on the rainy shores of Britain, to hear people say the words, “I would love to move to Spain”, especially during the long, damp, chilly winter months. For many it is sadly a pipe dream. But for others, the fantasy of dipping their toes in the warm Mediterranean by day while sipping sangria and tucking into paella by night, is a reality. There are over a quarter of a million Britons living in Spain with residents eligible to vote.  


One such man, who gave up his successful career in IT in the UK, is Laurence Campbell. He and his wife Kat moved to Spain – specifically, Murcia – over four years ago. Laurence built a micro-brewery from scratch, giving locals and tourists alike a taste of real British craft beer. His New Age looks and charm have won him an army of fans with his appearance on the television show, “A New Life in the Sun”.  


The couple met at a Ceroc (French rock and roll) class on London’s Tottenham Court Road, and married 16 months later. That was 23 years ago. It had been the dream of Laurence (60) and Kat (56) to retire to a sunnier climate and they had the couple fell in love with the south-eastern region of Spain, with its 25O km of beaches, and bought a country home in the Murcia region, with its cathedrals and gothic interiors. They soon felt at home, so much so that they chose early retirement, and moved everything over to Spain. 


“We live five minutes from the brewery, in the countryside just outside Torre Pacheco in the Murcia region.” They have only one Spanish neighbour and are surrounded by orange groves, with their dogs and pet sheep to keep them company. “It is pure bliss.” As Laurence describes it, it is a far cry from living in the suburbs in the Midlands.


The beer range “Another Planet” was a gamble to begin with, and it was far from plain sailing. 


“It has been up and down the stairs, and that’s not just delivering it to the locals,” laughs Laurence. “Taking on the company’s salesman, Nick, has worked wonders, and we are now in over 20 bars despite lockdown. The effect of restrictions has been tough on the business, but we have just developed a new Pilsner style lager which is proving popular. 


“Being on Channel 4’s hugely popular day-time show ‘A New Life in the Sun’ has been great for us, and we have had such positive feedback from friends and viewers. Customers of ours, who run a paddle-board business and a cafĂ©, had appeared on the programme the year before. They gave us an introduction to the production company, who eagerly took us on.”


Making beer is easier than selling it. But it is really catching on, and not just with the British-inspired local restaurants. One place offers a different ale to go with each course. Obviously, in Thai and Indian restaurants (Laurence’s favourite), there is nothing quite like a cold beer to wash the food down, and there are quite a few Asian restaurants in the region.


Tours of the brewery (with tasters) have proven really popular, not just with the tourists but with locals too. This is how Laurence met salesman Nick Hall, who had a passion for beer. Tuesday tours are back on for numbers up to 10, and the brewery now offers private catered tours for celebrations such as birthdays, the first of which has been a great hit.


Much as Laurence is flattered by the attention he is receiving through the show, he is quite happy working in the brewery and enjoying quiet nights with his wife, dogs and sheep, 

in the idyllic surroundings of their home. 



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Monday, 13 September 2021

The wonder that was Martin Annand.

The wonder that was Martin Annand

A beautiful light has left the world .But I just know he is sparkling above us full of love.
Martin Annand passed away at St John hospice London at 12..15 on the 9th of August 2021 . Mozart piano concerto 15 playing .
with his civil partner Nicos Steratzias and his former partner. Steven Smith lovingly by his side .
Christopher Robin said to Winne the Pooh:
“You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

Martin Annand was the quintessential Christopher Robin, and he loved his eclectic friends, no matter their flaws and he embraced their strengths. He would often joke, “I think he is having and Eeyore moment” if a friend was down or not seeing the positive about something. He would reference more of Christopher’s pals, saying, “you’re very Tigger-y today” if one of us was particularly bouncy, and even though Martin enjoyed a healthy lifestyle, he also empathised with Pooh, adoring a sneaky sweet or two.
Martin was a true English gentleman whose style and grace made him so wonderfully unique. People just adored him as he made every person feel important, taking an interest in everyone he met. From classic cars to a hand of Bridge, the latest song by the Pet Shop Boys, or even a glance at what Robbie Williams was wearing - Martin could talk about it all. He just loved everything in life.

Martin with Emma Noble Steven Smith Ian and Sam Phillips 

I would often laugh to myself when people thought Martin was “serious” and “a little unapproachable”. He was one of the funniest people I have ever met, bringing the phrase “Don’t judge the book by its cover” to mind. Martin’s inner child beamed out to those who knew him and took the time to see the beautiful man for who he really was.
When I first met him, he told me a story that could only happen to Martin. He said, “I went to a dinner party last night. When I got there, the house was awfully dark. When I pressed the doorbell, the hostess answered in her night attire.
“Oh, has the dinner been cancelled?” I enquired.
“It was last week,” the hostess answered, wide mouthed. “And what is more, you came to it !””
Martin had the ability to laugh at himself. He was funny, sometimes forgetful and, what is a rare quality these days, loyal. Whenever you saw him, he opened his wide blue eyes and smiled, and he made you believe you could do whatever you wanted to do.

Martin my former partner of twenty years with me .

He was fortunate enough to dance with Princess Margaret, but always said he enjoyed dancing at his friend Denise Welch’s ball with a group of bright young things more than with Her Royal Highness. Martin just loved the dance of life and he threw himself into everything – whether it was captaining a boat or dancing the Conga in Rio De Janeiro. Or partying in St Tropez for his friend Pam Sharrock’s 60th I recall him skiing down a black run in Klosters Ski Resort with such ease, leaving the soon-to-be-famous Denise Welch and myself way behind. Of course, Martin being Martin, he was straight back up the slope to come to the aid of his friends.

There is so much to write on The Exceptional Mr Annand that it could fill two volumes. If there is a Heaven, he will be up there playing Bridge and chatting to his friends who journeyed there before him. If he is looking down, all he would want for us is love, success and happiness as Martin embodied all those things.


Saturday, 23 January 2021

Johnny Says He is OK .


Johnny says he is ok
By Steven Smith
Johnny says he is ok. Johnny is bright - he dazzles and is always the life and soul of any party He is kind and caring, always one to lean on, and is everyone’s friend we all know his name.

Johnny says he is ok. He smiles and gives you that wink. It looks like the world is at his feet.

Johnny says he is ok. It looks like he wears his heart on his sleeve. But you see what he wants you to see. A cleverly crafted mask camouflages the pain and sadness, often caressing his soul as trauma becomes his good friend.

Johnny says he is ok. He touches you, makes you feel good and tells you are going to be alright. not to worry and that he is here for you to talk.

Johnny is going to be ok. You see Johnny’s eyes sparkle with love and, as you walk away, you know in your heart he is always happy.

Johnny all ok as he dances home alone, looking at the stars and the moon. They wave and ask him if anyone really knows who Johnny is? Does anyone feel his hurt or see the darkness covering him as he smiles and entertains?

Johnny says he is going to be ok as he turns the key to his flat. Loneliness waits as the darkness flies in before him. They both beckon Johnny; they know who Johnny is and if he just takes their hand, it will all be ok. The pain will go away.

`It is so simple open the bathroom cabinets and take the pills. Hey, let’s celebrate. We can wash it down with alcohol. Come, says the darkness. Lay down with me. Loneliness is just leaving. Close your eyes, sleep in my arms. I promise you at last Johnny you will be ok.
Please check on friends and loved ones often. Asking someone if they really are ok has never been more important than now.


Friday, 22 January 2021

The Narcissist Vampire


The Narcissist Vampire.  
The Narcissist Vampire
 Like a moth to a flame, she walks towards the darkness. Narcissist Vampire eagerly awaits and takes her hand, gratefully. He is wide awake.

 He’s ready to feed on the happiness and success she had fought so hard to achieve, yet somehow in the back of her mind she feels unworthy of it now. Self-destruction calls and echoes in her brain.

 It is a path she has walked before. Each time she feels it is all too good.
Little by little his fangs drain all she had become, filling her with self-doubt, fear and jealousy. 

 The vampire licks his lips and sucks her almost dry, leaving her saddened soul on the edge of death. Friends and family can’t prevent their pleas from falling on deaf ears. The vampire will soon get rid of them. He’s destroyed them before with poison, hate and lies. 

 He’s smiling now. Soon, they would both be the same – alone! 

 Maybe even that won’t be enough to feed his appetite. He’ll want her life next time he dines or shares her with others. 

 The Narcissist Vampire, the very worst of the Energy Vampires, is waiting. He’s laughing at your hurt, now, as he is in pain too. 

By Steven Smith 

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Meet the Aesthetic Artist . Iryna Stewart.

Meet the woman with the magic touch: Iryna Stewart! Iryna is not just a skincare expert; she is an aesthetic artist.

Unusually, along with her degree in medicine, Iryna also has a degree in fine art. She views her clients as a blank canvas on which she creates a totally natural look that will never reveal the secret that any work has been done.

It’s this unique and individually tailored approach to anti-ageing skin treatments that has the who’s who of London clamouring to see her.

Steven Smith chats to her and gets her top five beauty tips. 

1. What would you say was the most important beauty tip you would maybe pass on to your daughter?

Inner beauty is important. Surround yourself with positive people and a strong core of family and friends. Just look at happy people—they have a sparkle in their eyes. If you go looking for trouble or drama, it will always find you, and it will show in your looks too. 

2. Your aesthetic treatments are varied, but you are a huge proponent of PRP that uses the client’s own blood. Can you tell us a little about it?

PRP can be used to treat everything from skin rejuvenation, hair loss, arthritis, injuries, and it will help enhance fillers.

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma; it’s a substance that’s thought to promote healing when injected. Plasma is a component of your blood that contains special “factors,” or proteins, that help your blood to clot. It also contains proteins that support cell growth. Researchers have produced PRP by isolating plasma from blood and concentrating it.

Blood is taken from the client, and then it is placed in a machine called the Camlab Clinical Centrifuge. It is spun around at 300-4500 miles per hour, and the blood is separated, leaving the clear plasma. It is also a good indication as to how your health is: the clearer it is, the better your health.

The PRP is then injected into the area needed. Most of my clients have it for hair loss or many into the face area. The results are often instant, giving them a fresher look, and it gets better over the next few weeks. It is also a very natural look. 

3. What would you suggest is the most overrated bit of advice on the market? 

Make sure you moisturise your skin; use a sunblock instead. Too much moisturiser can leave skin looking tired, so use a factor 20 sunscreen in the morning; you’ll see a difference quite quickly. 

4. You have been in the news for your mesotherapy treatments for hands. Do you still use this method, or has something new come on the market for ageing hands?

I still use mesotherapy, but more in combination with stem cells and fillers. It gives an amazing long-lasting result. 

5. There is a lot of buzz around stem cell therapy these days. Is it something you would recommend? 

I am a huge supporter of stem cell therapies and believe that they are the future of aesthetics. Stem cell treatment aesthetics involves the injection of stem cells into the skin, through IV, or applied to the skin after laser or micro-needling procedures. The injection contains stem cells, growth factors, cytokines, hyaluronic acid, exosomes, and other cellular products which are involved in the body's regenerative functions. Stem cells are there the future of aesthetics,

fans of Iryna includeeAEatEnders actress  Nicola Duffett and beauty exper tSteven Smith 

1. Favourite beauty product on the market? Hyaluronic acid.

2. Your favourite place in London? Marylebone High Street.

3. The best way to relax? I love to go running. 

4. Favourite restaurant? The Ivy in Guildford. https://theivyguildford.com/menus

5. Japanese or Chinese food? Lebanese. 

Contact Iryna Stewart at info@toplips.co.uk