Tuesday, 31 March 2020


Dancing with it.
By Steven Smith

It is here, but we are too busy running our lives filled with stress, ambition and often greed to notice. It has been here for a while, watching and observing, but now it is ready. Its hand icily reaches and, gently, as you sip your coffee, its finger strokes your face, but you cannot feel it. Gingerly pausing for a second, it watches as you kiss your friend, your mother or your lover goodbye. It feels ignited as its body starts to grow, filled with energy you now carry. Its talons with you

It is moving now and dancing with us all; promiscuous and hungry. From partner to partner, it moves silently.

It’s not like you; it dances all night and day. You'll never keep up as its partners fall, one by one, struggling for air. It’s not your friend. It does not care who you are. It laughs as you reach out for help.

Family and friends mean nothing to it, It only fills its venomous body with more fuel as it dances on, watching you hold your loved ones, calling out. It is stronger now. Come, take its hand.

Suddenly, we can all stop the dance of life for a moment and run for cover. "It’s here. "It’s been found out.” But it just cries with laughter.

The experts and heroes come to help. Some fall at the first hurdle and others fight at the front line and many will give up their lives. It has no heart. A hero, warrior or foolish egotist; its cold hand has no discrimination. It wants us all.

But it knows it’s been seen. Its dance partners and apprentices must come from the selfish - those that cover their ears - or key workers, defending us. Its waiting and watching.

It can count on the ones stockpiling and dancing to a different tune to invite it back to their homes, and as they sleep at night and let out a gentle cough, it has done its job. Thank-you. It stops on the way out, looks around and sniggers. So many things, but in the end, only one thing counts - health.

Too much of everything. Earth is just like you and me, and we are its virus’ sooner or later the planet reaches breaking point. It will defend itself and spew many of us out with all its strength.

But by loving our planet and ourselves, just maybe we can dance on and on in harmony. It is not too late to listen to what is said and inhale, or this could be our last breath; Earth is struggling to breathe.

Copy right Steven Smith

Sunday, 22 March 2020

My recommendation LOVE HENRI


Add https://www.lovehenri.com


As we all look to embrace a kinder way to keep our skin looking and feeling amazing - one that uses sustainably sourced ingredients that do less harm to the planet, it’s good to know that LOVE HENRI aromatherapy collection has all you need to do the right thing this spring!

Savvy aromatherapist Henrietta Cassar has put together her collection that use only the finest quality oils including jasmine, bergamot and sandalwood in just the right combination to have the sensory and skin-boosting effect you need after a long, cold winter.

Aromatherapy has been used thousands of years and has been proven to work not only on a topical level to help ease tension, smooth and refine skin but via the body’s sensory circulation to lift spirits, relieve anxiety and improve sleep -something we all need right now!


It includes eight Bath and Treatment Oils, as well as the age-defying Beautiful Rose Facial Oil and the lovely Luxurious Shea Balm multi-tasting balm that can be used just about anywhere you need to be soothed and moisturised.

Henrietta has used her 20 years’ experience to deliver the purest essential oils available in truly therapeutic amounts, hand poured into sustainable packaging and all delivered with LOVE!

Follow Henri’s tips to stay safe and well this spring: 
·      Seam inhalation - with or without essential oils as the steam kills viruses in our nasal passages - our first line of defence so vitally important to keep healthy. Or add 3 drops of thyme and eucalyptus. 3 mins up to 3 times a day. Great at night as well to promote a great sleep. These oils are antiseptic and anti-bacterial. 
·      Hand washing - as a therapist this comes as second nature to me and I hope becomes second nature to you even after this crisis as it’s the single most effective measure one can to protect oneself on a daily basis.
·      Lemon, thyme and eucalyptus essential oils can be use on surfaces to clean. Dilute in warm water and wash kitchen and bathroom surfaces as usual. Avoid using neat essential oils on your skin. Alternatively add a few drops to any of your soaps and cleaning products. 
·      Cinnamon essential oil is also anti-microbial but cannot be used neat on the skin, always dilute. Add to your own soap or hand sanitiser. 
·      Try a soothing baths - relaxing essential oils or aroma bath oils - neroli, orange, lavender, sandalwood, frankincense, Ylang Ylang. Deeply relaxing and calming. 

  • Breathing exercises - believe it or not boost the immune system and calm us down as well, this eases the heightened sympathetic nervous system and kicks in the para sympathetic which calms us all down. 

 The LOVE HENRI collection retails from £25-£65 and is available at QVCUK.com and at lovehenri.com. 

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

My next recommendation; The Best Dentist Practice and Dentist; ‘Knightsbridge Dental Care: Doctor Alan Gold’. 


There is nothing more terrifying for me personally than a visit to the dentist. For me, as is the case for many, the child-hood trauma from seeing the school dentist has lingered and has evolved into a type of phobia, now, in later life. Many people in the U.K. literally have to have their teeth practically falling out or need to be in excruciating pain before they dare to step over the threshold of the dreaded Dentist surgery. 

My trauma undoubtedly derived from the school dentist and I can still visualise the gas mask coming towards me. In the '60s, little empathy was shown towards a crying child.

But also, even in my adult life, my anxiety was heightened when being told by one desist "Stop moaning you’re a big guy this should be a doddle". I felt like I was being tortured by some horrendous instrument like in a scene from the movie Saw. Furthermore, I have even been punched in the face accidentally, to add further insult to injury, when the dentist attempted to pull out a support as he rushed to complete my filling.

SAW The horrors of a bad dentist

Have you ever noticed when the dentist accidentally stabs you with their scissors or one of their many sharp implements you often get the response "Oh your sensitive in that area?" Being honest, I find myself wanting to get up and grab the tool out of their hands to stick it in their bottom as he/she squeals, simply replying "Gosh you're sensitive there!"

Having lived in the U.S. for nine years, I went to the same dentist and wonderful hygienist for the whole time, without any issues. Yes, it is true that the U.K. is now catching up with its dentistry counterparts, but we do lag behind in terms of the advancement of the technology and skills within dentistry in the U.S. It took me almost a decade to find a hygienist that matched the practice I used to attend in Los Angeles. ‘Nanny toothbrushes’ does not begin to describe some of the terrible experiences I have had in London. Naturally, the last dental disaster left me fervently searching for a new dentist, a bit like when you find a good hairdresser and do not want to lose them at any cost. The minute I hear "Do you drink coffee or tea?" from the mouth of the hygienist, I want out of there! 

My poor departed friend, the brilliant journalist Lester Middlehurst, contracted Hepatitis B, apparently from a dentist in Brighton. It was ten years since he had been near a dentist at the time and he called me asking for a recommendation as he had read about ‘painless dentistry’ in a magazine. This process of being put to sleep for dental procedures had fast become popular in the U.S. and he admitted that the only way he was going to sit on a dentist chair, as if he could be put to sleep, even if it was just a cleaning his teeth required. The usually vivacious Mr. Middehurst did not even want to talk to a dentist receptionist as it gave him the shivers, but his teeth were beginning to rot and with his heavy smoking, his smile was starting to deteriorate. 

Being in the world of beauty and fashion, it is easy to get recommendations for good dentists, but very few offered painless dentistry. In fact, a few seemed perplexed when I asked about this type of procedure.  


Then…BINGO! I discovered Knightsbridge Dental Practice located in Beauchamp Place, one of the infamously chic streets in London. They do not advertise or have a social media presence, which inferred that they must have a very good reputation if word of mouth was what their business relied upon.  


Even after finding them, it took another month to get poor Lester there and I had to tell a little lie that they put you out before they even looked at your teeth. I needn’t have worried as an imminent love affair between Roman Franks (one of the partners of the practice) and Lester started as he was put into a dream-like state, to repair the damage caused by many years of neglect.  

Painless dentistry involves sedation to relieve any anxiety but it does not put you fully to sleep. It is undeniably a great benefit for those patients who suffer from anxiety in the dentist chair, though this can cost extra and regrettably, not all practices offer this service.  

Up until this point, I had been waiting to make my bi-annual visits to the U.S. to go to the dentist. I was so impressed not only by the expert customer service but the wonderfully trained receptionist, at this clinic in particular, that I decided to try out the practice for myself. Senior partner, Alan Gold, fortunately, had an appointment which is rare and I have to admit, we clicked right away, particularly with him being a Geordie. He had a wicked sense of humour and appeared to genuinely listen to my own personal issues around anxiety and dentist visits.  

The amazing Alan Gold

Additionally, he was not selling me anything, whereas so many times, I have had consultations where I feel that they are simply trying to sell to me.  I did need some work, however, and so he suggested attempting to do the procedure without sedation initially and seeing how I coped. Bless him, I am really not easy and having had bad experiences in the past, the slightest noise can set me off.   

Alan’s clinic is beautiful and relaxing and there is a television above you to focus on, which takes your mind off what he is actually doing. It soon became clear, however, even with his immense skills, I would need to be sedated for most invasive procedures. 

Now for those thinking of asking for sedation, you need to do this when you have time, as essentially you will need to go straight home and rest following the procedure and ideally you will need a friend to take you home as you may feel uninhibited and therefore need supervision. 

Alan himself is a breath of fresh air, he jogs to work each day and has never had a single day off work sick, since launching the practice in 1975. He is an expert in cosmetic dentistry also, giving a running commentary on daily news issues whilst skilfully working on your teeth. 

In 1970 Alan graduated from Newcastle University,  training extensively in the very latest in dentistry. He took the SAAD (Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry) course and has treated many thousands of phobic dental patients using intravenous and inhalation sedation techniques.

After Roman retired, Alan’s new partner, the very glamourous Avee-Marie joined the practice, an approachable, warm and gentle clinician. She qualified from the Kings College School of Medicine and Dentistry in 2000 and has been practising for nearly 17 years. She brings an advanced holistic feel to the already welcoming and professional team. Avee-Marie specialises in phobic patients. 

Avee -Marie

Much as Alan is old school and has no interest in social media, Avee-Marie has managed to get the practice to ‘dip its toes’ into social media marketing. 
Alan Gold at Steven Smith

You cannot find a better place to go to if you have issues and anxiety around going to the dentist. It is safe to say, Alan wraps you in cotton wool.
Though he teases me when I attend the clinic “Oh god it’s you! I need sedation!” I cannot rate both the clinic and the dentistry team highly enough.

Tel: 0207 581 1000 / 0207 584 2537
Fax: 0207 823 9408

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Steven Smith is the guest star on Anna Kennedy show at Woman's Radio this week

   News  Anna’s guest on Women’s Radio – Steven Smith

Steven Smith is Anna Kennedy’s guest this week on ‘All things Autism’ on Womens Radio Station.

Steven was one of the charities first Patrons and continues to support AnnaKennedyOnline.

Who is Steven Smith? 
Steven Smith was born in Coatbridge in Scotland. He was brought up in Whitley Bay, before briefly moving to London, followed by the seaside town of Brighton. It was in Brighton that he was first discovered his hairdressing skills. Steven later spent eight years living in America and working in Beverly Hills. On his return to London in the late 90s, started work in fashionable Knightsbridge, where he rose to fame. 
Among his celebrity clientele, he has styled model Katie Price, actress Denise Welch, David Hasselhoff and the cast of Baywatch. Steven had his own column in The Sun newspaper advising hair and beauty. He was a regular on the Lorraine Kelly show, transforming GMTV viewers into their favourite stars. He completed a makeover for Lorraine herself, transforming her into movie legend, Elizabeth Taylor.
Steven has been a freelance writer and PR for the last ten years, combining showbiz interviews and travel with his eye for styling. His work has been published all over the world. He is now living in London W8.
How has working with Anna Kennedy online affected your life, and how have you got involved? 
You do not need to have a family member living with autism to be affected by the stories and experiences of people with autism. To get involved in such a worthwhile campaign, you just need empathy and drive to make a difference. I was honoured to judge “Wear it for Autism”, an event where we gave people fashion makeovers as a reward for outstanding achievement.
Having judged many competitions in my time, you would think this would be an easy task! In reality, however, I was in tears after reading just two of the stories. What was highlighted in particular was the bullying of those who came under the umbrella of Autism Spectrum Condition; it was horrifying. Of course, I wanted to help.
In honesty, I do not have any biological family members, with autism  but I now have a big family in Anna Kennedy online. It has been five years since I became a patron and spearheading sponsorship and celebrity backing has been part of my role. I look forward to working with and helping the various acts at Autism Got Talent each year.
Many of the people in this outstanding community have become firm friends. I was chatting to OJ, one of last year’s acts, on their birthday. OJ is gender-neutral and bravely came out to their family at 14. They are among so many of the friends that have affected my life.
How do you relax? 
Finding time to relax is so important, else you risk burn out. I am well aware of how hard it is for families caring for those living with autism, but if you do not stop and take ten minutes for yourself, you won’t be able to keep going.
Mindfulness can help – it involves acceptance. I pay attention to my thoughts and feelings without judging them—without believing, for instance, that there’s a “right” or “wrong” way to think or feel in a given moment.
Yoga and going to the gym are two of my favourite escapes. 
“I’m a Celebrity” is on TV – do you watch it?
It is amazing how what we see as escapism can, in fact, educate and do more for causes that we can imagine. Anne Hegerty, the amazing brain from The Chase, was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome in 2005. Being on the show last year gave her a platform to explain her life and educate so many on the subject of Aspergers.
We have many LGBTQ performers in Autism Got Talent who are on the spectrum, so this year I am hoping that Caitlyn Jenner will promote Trans education. Diversity on these shows breaks down barriers and alleviates any fears when you come face to face with what is seen as different to the public.
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If you missed Steven’s interview it will be aired at 1pm and 1am every day this week. www.womensradiostation.com